Monday, January 24, 2005


All that time he’d been wondering what were people talking about when they spoke of falling in love. Before that day he had always thought it seemed like a stupid thing that made people act like fools, something that films always talked about but not something that he particularly wished for himself. Could it be this fluttery feel he now felt inside him? Dozens of tiny ladybirds walking around his stomach, tickling him slightly.

Everything had started when he was sent to buy the ice creams after lunch. Firmly held inside his palm was the coin his father has given him, getting sticky with the heat and the weigh of the responsibility. ”Gelatti” was the best ice-cream shop in town and they’d all rather buy them there, even if it meant he had to walk a bit longer to get there.

However, this time, he never got to the shop. It was a beautiful afternoon and groups of boys were diving from the pier, laughing, screaming and pushing each other into the water. Jack, his friend, who was three years older than him and almost twice his size, called him over. Knowing him, he was probably trying to show off in front of the girls. Lately they all seemed crazy about Jack, especially since he’d grown so tall that last year. Most girls would stare quietly, blushing when he got close. None of them would dare talk to him though, all of them pretending they hadn’t even noticed he was there.

Once he was at the pier, he took off his clothes and decided to dive too. Probably because the tide was down, it seemed like a huge distance to the water. “Quack quack, you chicken!” Jack shouted. Roaring with laughter, it seemed all the girls were staring at him now. “Silly! “That’s a duck not a chicken” he mumbled.

That’s when he saw her. Under a blue and white parasol, wearing a breezy yellow dress, the most beautiful girl in the world was looking straight at him. What was that warm feeling he felt when he noticed? X-mas gifts under the tree where the only reason he’d felt that tingling before, his heart beating so fast it felt as if it was going to explode in his chest. Yelling, Jack was trying to get him to jump off the pier once and for all. Zipping by all the kids watching him, he ran as fast as he could and fell into the water with the loudest “Splash!” they had ever heard.


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